In Defense of Pokemon Go

Okay I know I am behind the 8 ball here and everyone has basically exhausted all there is to say about Pokémon Go, but it has meant something different to me then most people. I am mom (or mum as I live in Australia) of two, one being 3 the other 6 months. My husband and I’s relationship doesn’t quite have the magic it use to when we met almost 9 years ago. Our daily talks are more about his schoolwork (as he is a full time Uni student) and how many poos our 6 month old did, than interesting discussions about world events over a glass of wine. It is not exactly exciting or intriguing, all the same it is our life right now and there is nothing wrong with it.


A couple weeks ago I got fed up with everyone in my world talking about Pokémon Go and how awesome it is to play, this included my husband and 3 year old, so I downloaded the App to see what all the fuss was about. I am not a video game person, “back in the day” I was not into Pokémon, the cards or the cartoon, so I had no idea what I was in for. I opened the App and sorted out my Pokémon Trainer’s look (I had to go with a purple theme of course). Right away a Pokémon pops up in front of me and I got super excited. It took me like 10 poke balls to catch it but I did it. I immediately rush to my husband all giddy showing him what I caught. A grin spread across his face and from then on we were hooked together on this crazy Pokémon ride.

We now make time to go on walks together hunting Pokémon, at the end of the day I can’t wait to show him what I caught or what I hatched out of an egg. We stay up chatting about all the different Pokémon we could find and what we could evolve to get to the next level. My husband got a kick out of showing me some of the old Pokémon cartoons and we are working together to take over some local Pokémon training gyms. It sounds corny but it feels like Pokémon has brought us closer together or rather drawn us back together.

I often have worried that we are drifting apart with me basically stuck at home with a baby on Maternity leave, plus juggling a toddler and him with his head in the books working his butt off in the classroom and labs. I worry that our worlds are changing individual and we could be growing apart. But playing Pokémon Go has thrown a little bit of spark back into our relationship that has reignited all that we love about each other.


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